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Updating the website - March 2017
Art Gallery Coming Soon

Poetry Books by Michal


Working on my 5th poetry book,
a collection of my favorite poems.
Coming Spring 2018

Chesapeake Bay Art Association
Fundraising Event - April 2017

Invited to participate 
Norfolk Academy Annual Art Show 
April - May 2017

Tidewater Artist Alliance 
Member Portfolio Show 
June 2017

201 6 Anna Davidson Rosenberg
Poetry Awards - Chair and Editor
July 2017

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Paper Collage Published in 2016
by the Following Literary Magazines:

chabad.org, Poetica Magazine, Gravel Magazine, Mud Season Review,
Artist Portfolio Magazine, Sephardic Horizons, Catamaran Review,
Virginia Collage Society, Fiction Fix 15, Gene Mason Tutsi BLOG,
Petrichor Review, Fat Crab Magazine, and more.

First Painting - High School - 1978

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