Michal   (Mitak)   Mahgerefteh ~  Poetry    &   Art 

    Poetry and Fine Art 

100 % Recycled Mixed Media Series
Inspired by the Works of MIRO and KANDINSKY 

           In early 2013, torn paper collage became my new form of creative art. I enjoy the traditional method of 'cut and glue' as it stimulates and shapes my creativity. I consider the process intuitive rather than intellectual because each piece is an expressive visual statement. I approach each piece using a limited palette composed of canvas, stock paper, magazines, glue, and acrylic paint. They show wear and tear of paper with its natural imperfections and textural qualities. The color of the available images dictates the color palette of each work. I am strongly drawn to the earth tone hues of each piece. Anxiety exists during the unpredictability of the process while I consciously enjoy the moment of "birth cycles" that reflect my interest in the concepts of time, balance, and growth.   

                                                                                                                  --Michal Mitak

"Healing Waters" Pastels Series
Inspired by frequent Visits to Bahamas Island 

          I grew up in Israel; spending most of my days by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea fostered a love of the landscape that is expressed in my new oil pastel series, "Healing Waters." The paintings capture nature's tranquility in a heavy texture applied on paper with my fingers. Pastel medium is a meditative tool for chasing flashes of memory expressed in the lushness of blues and greens, colors of water that hold an endless source of energy and elusive mood. Creativity brings healing and I welcome visitors to my open studio, sharing my experiences and art techniques, encouraging a creative life. 

                                                                                                         --Michal Mitak

Juried Awards


Honorable Mention, CBAA (2017)
Second Place, PrimePlus Exhibition (2017)
Honorable Mention, Blank Art Space (2017)
ABTRACT MEDIA show, Courthouse Galleries (2016)
Portfolio Exhibition, Tidewater Artist Alliance (2016)
First Place Award, PrimeTime Exhibition (2016)
 Virginia Artists Exhibition (2016)
Anne Frank Exhibit, The Jewish Art Salon, NY (2014)

TIME exhibit, The Chrysler Museum of Art (2015)

Featured Artist, Ascent Aspirations Magazine (2015)

Second Place, University of South Carolina (2015)

                                   First Place, Humn Production (2014)

The National Collage Society (2015)

Solo Exhibition

Borjo Gallery, Norfolk, Virginia

Jewish Community Center, Virginia Beach

Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Norfolk, Virginia

Via Creativia Gallery, Virginia Beach, Virginia

This Century Gallery, Williamsburg, Virginia

WaterMark 2009, works on paper

Cape Henry School Gallery, Virginia Beach, VA

Barry Robinson Center for the Arts, Virginia Beach, VA

Gallery Central, Virginia Beach, VA

Riverview Gallery, Portsmouth, VA

Relative Theory Gallery, Norfolk, VA

Group Exhibition

TIME exhibit, The Chrysler Museum of Art

Courthouse Galleries, Virginia

The Muse Gallery, Pennsylvania

The Charles H. Taylor Art Gallery, Virginia

The Riverview Gallery, Virginia

The Harbor Gallery, Virginia

Texture's, Virginia

The Painting Center of New York

The Jewish Community Center, Virginia

Amalfi Gallery, Virginia

Relative Theory Gallery, Virginia

The William and Joseph Gallery, LA

 Toques Gallery, Virginia

 The ArtWorks Gallery, Virginia

 Prince Books Store, Virginia

Art Published in Print and Electronically

The Sonder Review
Door A Jar Magazine
Gravel Magazine 

Cactus Heart Magazine 

Tiferet Magazine  

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal

(Western New Mexico University)  

Petrichor Review

Artist Portfolio Magazine 

Fiction Fix Magazine 

Mud Season Review

Petrichor Review

Catamaran Literary Reader

Ken*Again Magazine

Splash of Red Magazine

National Pen Women Magazine

Pure Francis Magazine

Poetica Magazine

Leaf Garden Press

Ascent Aspirations Magazine

The Writer's Eye Magazine

Numinous Magazine

Ripples Anthology

Poetica Magazine

The GhentReader Magazine

Ken*again Magazine

Being Jewish Magazine

Women in Judaism:  Contemporary Writings
Golda Magazine

Stepping Stones Anthology 

Art Education

Wesleyan College, Virginia

Studio of Fine Arts, Virginia

Visual Art Center, TCC Virginia

d'Art Center, Virginia

Charles Kello Gallery, Virginia

Old Dominion University, Virginia

Hermitage Foundation Museum, Virginia
Torpido Factory NOVA Art center 

I continuously study
various abstract techniques 
to enrich my work.