Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

  Poetry and Fine Art 

"A Solid Promise"


A Solid Promise

     ---King Saul offered Michal in marriage to David as bait


Dear Cousin,

I am a solid promise


in seven days I am to marry my father’s champion,

a shepherd boy with oneness of spirit, graceful with

music, he talks with command, fights with skill and

daring, the people sing in the streets when he returns

from battles leaving his note in myriad memories. 

I am a solid promise


through blurred tears words go unspoken, the palace

doors stand vacant. The king’s eyes speak honor; I am

content to abide, one obligated kiss, and I am led to the

altar to seal the deal. Would you come for a day or two to

ease my father’s mind, I am alone and afraid of his anger. 

I am a solid promise


despite my resentment I am growing in-love with David

his presence excites me, I worry while he is away and

rejoice upon his return, but why love him when his lust

is for his battles and men . . . still, at eventide, I yearn

for his silhouette within the shadows of olive and fig.

                                                      Hurry, Michal



*previous version was published in the 
Jewish Women Literary Annual Anthology (2014)