Michal  (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

                                                                                                              Poetry and Art 

Review by art collector from PA:
"I am an admirer of your collages.
They seem to whisper many stories
through their forms." Wayne M.

Review by Cheryl M. - a working artist:
I am so inspired by your beautiful art. I am a painter
and love mixed media. Your works are so substantial
and have great depth. Love your work!"

Review by Joanne J. - FB Follower:
"I really love these. Your work is unique, 
has creative intelligence and compelling too."
150 artworks in the store

I Create to Recycle

Material used to create the art:
recycled paper (packing, textured, old books, tissue, cardstock);

scraps of fabric, thread, yarn, leather, carpet, wallpaper; 
crushed seashells, eggshells, corn; dry tea leaves; bee pollen;
upholstery; magazine images; various pens, pencils,
pens, paint in different consistencies, five types of glue;
three types of acrylic seal; and much more.

Recycling is very important -
I found fun and unique way
to contribute to the effort. 

Stay Connected, Michal 

Thank you for your interest in my poetry and art. I will reply to your message within the next couple of days. Thank you! Michal Mitak
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