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    Poetry and Fine Art 

"Aware of Those Before Me"


after a visit to the baptism site of Jesus
           —the Jordan River, 2010 


by the everlasting banks of the Jordan River

        I sink my feet into a thousand seasons of endurance

lay aside the littleness of worry thoughts

                   purge my senses with the weight of morning hues


Jesus must have stood here  

                    by the rocks and drying sand at shallow waters

soothing calloused feet and cactus-scratched skin

     the mud of earth absorbed the immensity of His birthing purpose       


I fasten my eyes on His solitary light

           become exuberant incarnate of His blush

seeping through skin and pores I listen with my bones                                                

                                     forget to breathe

by Michal Mahgerefteh

*Published by ARC Magazine (2015)